Opera Dragonfly is here, and it works offline

Opera Dragonfly is out, as most people probably know by now. If not, check out the Opera Dragonfly blog for the juicy details. To start using it, just go get Opera 9.5 Beta 2, then go to the "Tools > Advanced > Developer Tools" menu. …

While Opera Dragonfly is indeed a Web application which is accessed from an online server the first time you use it, it will actually be cached for offline use. In other words, we will not be spying on you while you are debugging your code 🙂

Here's a brief description from the Opera Dragonfly product page:

Opera Dragonfly is a new breed of hybrid application. Part desktop application, part web application, it resides in local persistent storage, yet instantly updates when a new version is released – just like your favorite web sites. You never have to check for updates or install a new version.

You should also be able to install it on your computer manually by downloading the source, unzipping it somewhere (such as C:Dragonfly), and then pointing DeveloperToolsURL to the new location (in this case, ).

Note that Opera Dragonfly is far from feature complete, as you will soon figure out if you read the product description and documentation. A lot of nice features, such as HTTP or XHR logging, or docking the UI, is not yet available, but is already planned for a future release.

Remember, this is just the first alpha!


7 thoughts on “Opera Dragonfly is here, and it works offline

  1. If I type the new location in the address bar it doesn't work. It only works if I go to Tools > Advanced > Developer tools.Why? 🙄

  2. Probably because when using Tools > Advanced > Developer Tools, Opera run the Scope module and proxy on a random port, and when outside of this there is no remote debug enabled. I think you can go to opera:config and enable remote debug and then configure Dragonfly to access this port. I didn't tried it yet but I think it can work. Just give it a try 🙂

  3. It's important to point out, if you download your own version of Opera Dragonfly, then it wont update automatically (as far as I know). You'll need to download a new version when it comes out.

  4. I just upgraded to Opera 10 on Ubuntu 9.04. Offline mode for Dragonfly doesn't seem to work unless you first start out online and load Dragonfly. Every time I start up the browser I have to start out online, open Dragonfly, and then I can go offline.I really need to be able to start up a Javascript debugger offline so I can debug when flying or when inside a corp that is not allowing me internet access.

  5. Its simple for XP to get Opera dragonfly work offline.Download the latest core version from http://dragonfly.opera.com/app/Extract it to C: and rename the folder to Opera-Dragonfly.Then type Opera:Config in the adress bar press Enter. Scroll down and find Developer Tools click to open it and Change "Developer Tools URL" to Click Save button and you are Done. 💡

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